California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance

CIYJA’s mission has always been rooted in the empowerment of young people. As we embrace this history, we understand the constant impact to our movement will be change; the change in political climate, the change in the ways our community is impacted, and the changes happening globally. We understand we are part of an evolving, changing world and as an organization, we commit to embracing these changes and responding to the needs of young people who are at the forefront across movements.

“The revolution has always been in the hands of the young. The young always inherit the revolution.” – Dr. Huey P Newton

Youth Agency - Abolition- Healing Justice - Transformative Justice

Youth Leadership

CIYJA provides space for youth to become leaders by strengthening their leadership skills and organizing their communities.

Political Education

CIYJA provides space for youth to learn and explore different political education themes involving the immigrant youth movement, transformative justice, and other themes youth are curious in knowing about more.