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Stop Home Depot From Contracting With Point2Point Security Company That Threatens Jornaleros With ICE

We, the undersigned, write to express our strong support for day laborers in Los Angeles and urge the Home Depot end their contract with the security company Point2Point due to aggressive behavior including threatening to call Immigration and Customs Enforcement (I.C.E). against day laborers. These tactics, allegedly in the name of public safety, in the stores and parking lots of the Home Depot located in Hollywood, Cypress Park, Westlake, Commerce, Huntington Park and Inglewood, amount to nothing less than harassment and racial profiling.

These tactics are not reflective of the values of Los Angeles area community members who are also patrons of Home Depot. Day laborers are integral members of our community and should not be criminalized for exercising their protected right to seek employment. There have been numerous documented and confirmed examples of Point2Point Guards engaging in threatening and violent behavior against day laborers across the locations where Home Depot has entered into a pilot contract with the security company.

Los Angeles is a national example in terms of defending the rights and dignity of day laborers. Therefore we demand that:

1. Point2Point Security company immediately stop their overly aggressive tactics and threatening behavior.

2. Home Depot end the contract with Point2Point Security.

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