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Stop Contra Costa County Sheriff Livingston From Endangering Immigrant Communities

We denounce Sheriff Livingston joining sheriffs across California, who are turning against our values and attacking immigrant communities. He is violating SB54 by still allowing deputies to make arrest, detain, or investigate people for violations of civil immigration law or criminal immigration law amongst other provisions.

To make matters worse, his office has started publicly releasing the private information of immigrant inmates, creating a loophole around laws that limit law enforcement collaboration with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Sheriff Livingston’s actions are aligned with his support of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and has had private meetings with his office and other sheriffs defying California’s values. It is evident that this is an orchestrated attack against immigrant communities.

Sheriff Livingston has tried making the case that the release of information is being done to support efforts by the county Office of Reentry. The Office of Reentry has since denounced these efforts, and has asked for a more secure and private way for the sheriff’s office to support them.

As hate crimes skyrocket across the country, to publicly announce the address, race, immigrations status, and other identifying facts open up these folks and their family to prosecution by ICE and the growing threat of white nationalism.

We demand an immediate halt to the public release of Contra Costa inmate information given that this action places our immigrant communities in danger.

Additionally, we demand Sheriff David Livingston attends the TRUTH Act Forum to address these violations as we create accountability on behalf of the rogue efforts of Sheriff Livingston to defy California’s values. The Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors has supported these demands.

However, we cannot continue to allow Sheriff Livingston to continue risking the lives of any Contra Costa community members until then. To protect our community now, we demand that Sheriff Livingston take the list down IMMEDIATELY.


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