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Tell ICE: Liberate All Detainees From West County Detention Facility

The Contra Costa Board of Supervisors has felt the fervor of the #AbolishICE momentum, and moved to end its agreement with ICE to hold immigrants at the inhumane West County Detention Facility in Richmond.

Now, it is urgent that ICE release all of our community members. We must ensure the closure of WCDF be a just closure with everyone released, so they can fight their right to remain in this country alongside their family and have access to legal representation.

ICE detention centers are a dangerous place. This year, immigrant deaths within detention centers are higher than they have been since 2009. While we applaud the cancellation of this decrepit contract, we must advocate until all people detained are free.

We saw how families suffered further separation after Sacramento County ended its ICE contract at Rio Cosumnes Correctional Facility, and we must ensure this does not occur again. The people detained have suffered enough inhumane conditions in the detention center including: sexual assault that are currently under investigations, unsanitary conditions, medical neglect, lack of access to sanitary food, and sleep deprivation.  

Here are two ways that you can help:

1. Donate to the community fund. Money will go directly to pay for bonds and assist with family expenses, including necessities like rent, transportation to the detention facility, and costs for phone calls with loved ones who are detained.

2. Please sign our petition to demand that ALL detained at the West County Detention Facility be brought back home and released.

Letter Text:

As a concerned California community member, I demand the immediate liberation of all people detained at and transferred from the West County Detention Facility as a result of the ending of its ICE contract. I urge Erik Bonnar, Acting Field Director of Enforcement and Removal Operations in San Francisco, to ensure the release of all people detained and transferred so that they have access to legal representation in their community.

I also demand that those closest to us are advocated for as well. That’s why I demand that all currently detained be released under prosecutorial discretion, without bonds, so that they can return to their communities.

Contra Costa County has taken a strong stand against this contract and is working to make our region safe for all immigrant families. I call upon Mr. Bonnar to do the right thing and cease the string of abuses and vehement human rights violations that ICE has become known for. The people being held at your detention center are a part of our community and must stay here with their family, community, and legal representation.

Thank You

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