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DND Infographic 2

5 Easy Facts About The Price of Immigrant Detention

Many people do not know how much immigrant detentions hurts our communities, even though billions of dollars are spent maintaining private detention facilities instead of being invested in community resources.

Private detention centers are a booming business, raking in big money for their corporate owners. They lobby, they donate to your elected officials and they have influence policies and laws…

Fight ICE Raids with Power 5

5 Ways to Fight ICE Raids With Power, Not Panic

ICE and immigration raids are a constant threat to our community. Spreading misinformation about possible raids can bring unnecessary panic and stress to our communities.

We know that a safe community is an organized community, so how do we fight Trump’s anti-immigrant attacks with power and not panic?

5 Maneras de Combatir 5

5 maneras de combatir las redadas de ICE con poder, no pánico!

Las redadas de inmigración son una amenaza constante para nuestra comunidad. Difundir información errónea sobre posibles incursiones puede provocar pánico y estrés innecesario en nuestras comunidades.

Sabemos que una comunidad segura es una comunidad organizada. ¿Cómo luchamos contra los ataques anti-inmigrantes de Trump con poder y no con pánico?

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