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Tell ICE: Free Raul!


As families across the country begin to reunite for the holiday seasons, Raul Lopez continues to be detained and separated from his wife and four children.

Having lived in the United States for over 28 years, Raul has embedded family roots here. After being torn from that community by ICE, he was placed in the West County Detention Facility, where he worked hours without pay simply for an opportunity to eat better than other inmates. Raul was then transferred to Rio Cosumnes Correctional fighting for his right for a hearing in front of a judge.

After the closure of the West County Detention Facility’s contract to detain undocumented immigrants ended in response to community pressure as well as Rio Cosumnes Correctional, Raul was transferred to a private detention center in Aurora, Colorado, further away from his family and legal representation. The GEO Group-owned detention center he is currently being detained in sparked public uproar after a chickenpox outbreak lead to a series of medical negligence.

This is why we must act now and demand Raul is released, to be back with his family for the holidays!

Petition Text:

Subject: Support for Raul Lopez (A# 072-670-711) Request to be Released through Prosecutorial Discretion

To Whom It May Concern:

I write in support of the reunification of Raul Lopez (A# 072-670-711) with his family. Raul is a husband and father of four who has been mercilessly detained for over a year, despite your ability to release him under prosecutorial discretion. He has been separated from his family since he was detained in March 2017, and they now fear spending another holiday season apart. Additionally, Raul’s brother has a deadly kidney illness and Raul has not seen him, given the fact that he has recently been transferred further away from them to an ICE facility in Colorado, despite the fact that he was fighting his case in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, California. His attorney is located in San Francisco and his family members of our Bay Area community. I demand you use prosecutorial discretion to release Raul immediately so he can fight his case alongside our community and his family. There is no reason for him to be detained, therefore I ask that you free Raul today!

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