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y expanding the power the federal government has to strip legal residents of their due process rights, The Supreme Court has drawn us closer to the unjust reality we undocumented immigrants have been warning would come. As the Trump administration…

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Why We Must Support the Caravan

For the most marginalized, abolition is our main strategy for liberation.  Right now, there is a caravan of asylum-seekers inching closer to the country that seeks to eradicate them, moving forward despite economies, laws and xenophobic cultures attempting to hold…

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Our Voices Will Not Be Drowned

or undocumented families like mine, ‘the american dream’ is simply that: a dream. This dream inspired my family to leave their roots and home in Mexico for opportunities they would have never had if they stayed there. They knew about…

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Primero Destruimos A ICE

Sigue este enlace para leer nuestro manifiesto sobre la liberación de inmigrantes. Dado que el renacimiento del movimiento dedicado a la abolición (destrucción) de la migra (ICE) ha estallado de las redes sociales hacia la ocupación de edificios federales (e…

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First We Abolish ICE

Click here to read our manifesto on immigrant liberation. Given that the rebirth of the movement dedicated to abolishing ICE has erupted from the confines of social media and into the occupation of federal buildings (and even leaked into the…

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