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Don’t Deliberate, Decarcerate!

ob Bonta's Assembly Bill 32 makes its way to the senate floor today. This bill upholds immigrant values and holds million-dollar corporations accountable for the atrocities they are responsible for, including death, within their immigrant prisons. Though we celebrate this…

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California lawmakers aren’t the resistance, we are

his morning, California Governor Newsom and Attorney General Xavier Becerra challenged the Trump on their racist public charge policy, in another effort in California's so called "resistance" against the administration. As an undocumented immigrant that calls California home I feel…

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Birds By Another Name

“Today is seemingly quiet,” thinks Samantha to herself, as she sips her soy green tea latte at a local coffee shop. She shrugs and thinks nothing of it. She had just come back home to Santa Ana after graduating from…

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Statement: The Power of #IllegalTwitter

n June 9th, Valeria Suarez--an undocumented and queer organizer--was detained by Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) on her way home from Puerto Rico, where she celebrated having recently graduated. Like many undocumented folks who travel within the United States, both…

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