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Birds By Another Name

“Today is seemingly quiet,” thinks Samantha to herself, as she sips her soy green tea latte at a local coffee shop. She shrugs and thinks nothing of it. She had just come back home to Santa Ana after graduating from…

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Why We Must Support the Caravan

For the most marginalized, abolition is our main strategy for liberation.  Right now, there is a caravan of asylum-seekers inching closer to the country that seeks to eradicate them, moving forward despite economies, laws and xenophobic cultures attempting to hold…

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CIYJA’s Statement on the Honduran Caravan

     En Español Abajo California - We are in complete solidarity with the Viacrucis Migrante 2018, the Honduran refugee caravan making its way through Mexico seeking political asylum both in Mexico and the United States. As displaced people, we…

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