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We bridge immigrant communities (regardless of religion or gender) and create solidarity with other anti-enforcement and anti-criminalization movements across California by pushing back on the “good immigrant vs bad immigrant” narrative whose sole purpose to divide our communities. CIYJA acknowledges that mass incarceration, and the detention and deportation apparatus extends beyond legalization, and affects those perceived as disposable by the systems. We seek to create a strong base of immigrant youth with a solid political analysis and tangible tools to share among each other, and prioritize movement building and skill sharing. CIYJA will continue to show how California can become a living example of what is possible when we fully embrace and center intersectionality and use solidarity to build power and movement.

CIYJA is a statewide alliance of immigrant youth-led community organizations from San Diego to Sonoma County.

CIYJA focuses on strategically placing youth in advocacy and policy delegations in order to ensure pro-immigrant policies went beyond legalization, and shed light on how the criminalization of immigrants varies based on identity. Through coalition building and strong allyship, CIYJA played a key role enacting the TRUST Act, AB 60 (the CA Drivers’ Bill), the TRUTH Act, access to legal council and other state and federal policies.

CIYJA is dedicated to building a mass immigrant youth movement that challenges the model minority narrative and acknowledges the struggles of all oppressed people as one.


We seek to eradicate deportation, private detention, mass incarceration and the criminalization of immigrants.


California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance (CIYJA) is an immigrant youth-led organization that strengthens local and statewide grassroots organizing efforts to build collective power.

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