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5 Easy Facts About The Price of Immigrant Detention

Many people do not know how much immigrant detentions hurts our communities, even though billions of dollars are spent maintaining private detention facilities instead of being invested in community resources.

Private detention centers are a booming business, raking in big money for their corporate owners. They lobby, they donate to your elected officials and they have influence policies and laws. The most famous such law is SB1070, the unconstitutional “Show Me Your Papers” law, Arizona’s anti-immigrant legislation that passed in 2009. Such laws rely on criminalizing immigrants in order to produce reasons to detain them for long periods of time.

Many members of our community don’t know that their own tax dollars go to fund and facilitate this inhumane practice. Yes, your tax dollars fund private detention centers — over $2 billion, to be exact.

Here are 5 easy fact you can show your family and friends about private detention centers:

1. The Total Breakdown

The Total Breakdown

2. Investing

2. Investing

3. Each Detainee Produces a Profit

3. Each detainee produces a profit

4. Increasing Capacity

4. Increasing capacity

5. Even Our "Blue State" is Guilty

5. Even Our "Blue State" is Guilty
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