ASPIRE provides a space for the AB 540 APII youth community to discuss their issues and develop advocacy skills for immigrants' rights.The mission of ASPIRE is to provide support for immigrant youth and allow them to reach their dreams through education. We are committed to working towards a more inclusive, equal society and protecting our rights as human beings.   FOLLOW: FACEBOOK/TWITTER


The San Fernando Valley Dream Team (SFVDT) is a committed group of immigrant youth, community members, and allies advocating for the rights of undocumented immigrants of all backgrounds in the San Fernando Valley. Our goal is to bring tangible changes that benefit the undocumented community in the area through education, advocacy, collaboration and empowerment; our group acknowledges and is inclusive of the intersectionalities within our community.  FOLLOW: FACEBOOK/TWITTER


San Gabriel Valley Immigrant Youth Coalition (SGVIYC) is an organization of undocumented students and community members in the San Gabriel Valley, region of Los Angeles County.  We are a undocumented led organization in California working for the rights of all immigrants.  We organize to empower undocumented students to come out of the shadows to advocate for their families and communities. FOLLOW: FACEBOOK/TWITTER


The mission of the Antelope Valley Dream Team is to bring awareness and educate our communities to understand and navigate current and future immigration issues.  AVDT follows the purpose to empower and create opportunities for individuals to pursue a higher education and/or employment, justice, and equality in our society. FOLLOW: FACEBOOK


As students and community members of the Napa Valley DREAM Team, we advocate for the rights of undocumented youth within the Napa Valley. We work together to change policies in order to support [im]migrant families and continue to self-empower ourselves in an effort to become a resource to those who need it. We organize an annual conference to support the communities of the Northern Bay Area and beyond, support local, state and national campaign efforts to change education and civil rights policies that affect the migrant community. FOLLOW: FACEBOOK